Humans that were granted vast Spiritual power when their mothers' were attacked by Hollow before their birth. The Hollow Reiatsu infected them, and grants them power similar to both Shinigami and Hollow, where they can use the force of their own Souls to bring forth the maximum potential in the world around them, as well as the objects in it. They work best with something special to them, whether it be an item or an ideal, Fullbringers can use their Focus to perform great feats.


Because their power is to pull out the maximum potential of an object with nothing but the force of their Soul, this works best with an object or aspect of themselves that they value. This Focus is a symbol of their Soul, and much like how an Asauchi forms a uniqe Zanpaktou based on the imprint of it's wielder, a Fullbringer's Focus is forged by their experiences and changes with them. There are many types of Fullbrings and they are often dependant on the Focus.

Weapon Type: Are Fullbrings which form a weapon from an object Focus, and shows that the Fullbringer keeps their power separate from themselves, it is something they HAVE, but it is not a part of who they are. They would be just as happy with any other type of power.

Clad Type: This type of Fullbring externalizes the Fullbringers want for power from an object, and has them wear it like armor. This shows that they proudly display their power, and feel that it integral to who they are.

Body Type: These Fullbrings manifest from a Fullbringers pride in their own strength and skill, augmenting their natural abilities with powers that reflect their Souls. This physically changes their body to help them fight, and shows that they are willing to put everything on the line in a fight, because their power is just part of them, it is the very core of their sense of self.

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