Welcome to the Kon Kessha Custom Bleach World Wiki

Kon Kessha is a Non-Canon Bleach RP, taking place in a very familiar setting, with unfamiliar faces. Inhabited completely by original characters, the Kon Kessha Universe is rich in history, and takes liberties with the known information from Bleach, to create a unique and fair Role Play System.

Important Pages

History & Plot is where you'll find various summaries of our Forum's History up until now, and the details concerning the Current Plot.

Realms of Play is a list of all known realms within our universe, the number of realms, and the accessibility of existing realms is subject to change.

Key Terms and Stat Explanation is where you'll want to go to read up on the fundamentals of our Role Playing system.

Starting Stats is the list of Starting Statistics as determined by your characters Class.

Abilities & Skills is where you'll find all the Class Abilities, and Universal Skill Trees used by characters on the forum.

PVP System is where all the details concerning the gaining and use of KP can be found.

Characters Is the index of all registered Characters on the Kon Kessha forum.

Associate Characters is where you can find the registered AC's as well as information on what exactly an AC is.

Cash Shop is where you can find purchaseable items for your Main Characters and Associate Characters.

Latest activity

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