Kill Points or "KP", are what you gain from killing other Player Characters, or from taking part in Events where waves of NPC's are thrust onto Players. Not only is KP and indication of your battle prowess, they can be exchanged along with Spare Reiryoku for powerful Focus Skills. You gain 10 KP per PVP Rank earned, which is dependant on the amount of Characters or Pawn NPC's you have killed.


Gain 10 KP (Kill Points) per Rank gained, and gain 20 KP with every title earned.

Beginner- 0 kills Edit

Rank 1-1 kill (100 npc kills)

Rank 2-2 kills (200 npc kills)

Rank 3-3 kills (300 Npc kills)

Rank 4-4 kills (400 npc kills)

Rank 5-5 kills (500 npc kills)

Soldier-6 kills Edit

Rank 1-7 kills (700 npc kills)

Rank 2-8 kills (800 npc kills)

Rank 3-9 kills (900 npc kills) Gain a permanent +5 to Attack, Speed, and Weapon Skill

Rank 4-10 kills (1000 npc kills)

Rank 5-11 kill(1100 npc kills)

Veteran-12 kills Edit

Rank 1-14 kills (1500 npc kills)

Rank 2-16 kills (1600 npc kills)

Rank 3-18 kills (17000 npc kills) Gain 1 Extra Reiryoku when training.

Rank 4-20 kills (18000 npc kills)

Rank 5-22 kills (1900 npc kills)

Killer-25 killsEdit

Rank 1-28 kills (2100 npc kills)

Rank 2-30 kills (2200 npc kills)

Rank 3-32 kills (2300 npc kills) Murderous Glare: Upon making eye contact, can cause the opponent to lose concentration and quake, canceling an attack or allowing for an easy strike.

Rank 4-34 kills (2400 npc kills)

Rank 5-36 kills (2500 npc kills)

True Death God/Aprisa Espada/Immortal-40 killsEdit

Rank 1-42 kills (2900 npc kills) Gain one Ability regardless of Stats or Level up a skill without paying Reiryoku Cost

Rank 2-44 kills (3000 npc kills)

Rank 3-46 kills (3200 npc kills) Gain one free shop Item

Rank 4-48 kills (3300 npc kills)

Rank 5-50 kills (3400 npc kills)

Kenpachi/Mejor Aesesino/War God-60 killsEdit

If you have the highest amount of kills in your faction, and hold this PVP Rank, you will be given one of these ranks as an Alias depending on your class: Shinigami becomes the Kenpachi, Arrancar/Hollow become the Mejor Aesesino, and Humans and Factionless characters become the War God. The Alias can also be acquired by killing the current holder, however if someone gains this rank and their kill count is higher, you will be stripped of the Alias.

Rank 1-60 kills (4000 npc kills) Bloodlust: +20 to Attack, Speed, Weapon Skill