The Living World...... The material plane where humans call home. Separate from the spiritual realms of Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, the Living World serves as the centralized location for all humans and those made of flesh. Being of a massive size, the Living World, or Earth as humans call it, possesses numerous landmasses, each with it's own government and unique people.

Every few millions years, an area of Earth becomes a beacon for spiritual activity, attracting Hollows and Shinigami, while the spiritually rich atmosphere may lead to the development of special abilities in the humans, starting with the ability to see spirits. The Quincy are but one example of these groups of humans.

While the Living World remains apart from the spiritual ones, numerous portals called Dangai and Garganta open the pathways to Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, allowing easy access to Shinigami and Hollow alike. Even those runaway Hollow-Shingami hybrids known as Visards have made the Living Realm their home.

Important Locations==

Karakura TownEdit

An relatively medium sized city within Japan, Karakura has served as the main focal point for all spiritual activity as of late. The spiritually aware humans in this city are capable of seeing the numerous Pluses, or human spirits that roam the city awaiting cleansing from the Shinigami in addition to the monstrous Hollows who feed upon the spiritually aware. If on the other hand, one is not spiritually aware, Karakura seems like your average Japanese city amidst some strange happenings, complete with a decent education system, an impressive shopping district, and an outer industrial district where one can find nearly anything they may desire.

Viz Corp BuildingEdit

To anyone on the outside, Viz Co serves as a major weapons manufacturers provider. Anything from firearms, armor, tanks amidst other products of armor are often distributed through this corporation. If on the other, one knows the true nature of Viz Co, it serves as a recruitment to those Shingami Hollowfied and turned into the hybrid Visards. Using the military operation as a scapegoat, they secretly train their own kind while hiding under the watchful eyes of Shinigami and Hollow. Their buildings are comprised of a special material which completely obscures any presence of spiritual activity, making all within appear as regular humans.

Yakushi HospitaEdit

One of the most impressive hospitals in Karakura, Yakushi Hospital serves to heal any human through the means of advanced and the most up to date procedures. Little known, the hospital is run by an ancient group of spiritually aware humans calling themselves Quincy, who strive to hunt Hollows while protecting the humans who remain oblivious to that around them.